New Business Name!

Last year I took the plunge and launched a Wedding Photography business. As you’ll know from reading other articles on the site, I have been taking photos for years, but only decided to do it professionally in 2019.

Having chosen a name, set up the bank account, registered the website address, instagram handle, Facebook username etc etc it became apparent that Raw Focus was already being used by another couple of photographers here in the UK. That’s not a major issue, we are in different parts of the country, but it played on my mind. During the Covid19 lockdown I thought about it some more, and decided to change.

I am now Rich Benson Photography. As that contains my actual name, I can never get bored of it, and hopefully I will never have to justify using it, or spelling it out to people. I initially avoided using my name because a lot of the domain names have already been registered. There was a famous photographer in the US called Richard Benson too, who dominates Google due to him being featured in magazined and Wikipedia, but, I will just have to share the space on the Internet with him :). Hopefully using the short version of my first name will me differentiate.

The domain name was registered for a very long time, but it suddenly dropped back onto the open market. I registered it, and that was another push I needed to making that my business name. Someone else owns the version, but I’m not too bothered. Hopefully if I give someone my web address they will type it in correctly, and those that go off searching for me, will hopefully find me.

So there we are. A new name, but the same business. Now that the Corona Virus is starting to ease up I hope that I can grow the business and make a success of it.