Styled Photo Shoot in Droitwich

Raw Focus Photography are pleased to be teaming up with ClaireStyle and Abbie Victoria MUA to offer a styled photo shoot in January 2020.

This will be one of many photo shoot’s that we team up for, and we’ll be looking for someone different each time, so for January we’re looking for Girls, and for other shoots we’ll need Guys, then Guys and Girls, and then a family etc. We’ll post about each shoot well in advance so if you fancy taking part, you can apply to do so via

Example of styled shoot that Claire did the hair for.
A previous shoot Claire did the hair for.

The idea of a styled shoot is for the suppliers to try out what they offer, so for me, I’ll get to take photos using different techniques in good time, without the pressure of a typical wedding day or event etc. For Claire, she can try some new hair styles, and for Abbie she can try some new makeup products and styles. The theme will be different each time, so if we do a shoot in Autumn, you could end up looking like a vampire, or other Halloween monster. Summer will be contemporary with pastel colours etc. You get the idea 😉

If you apply to join us on a shoot, you get the choice of keeping your details on file. This means I can contact people in the future to see if they want to come and grab some photos with me. We’ll also consider you for further Styled Shoot’s too.

Maybe see you in January 😉