A Bubblelicious Photoshoot with Emily and Megan

Raw Focus Photography, ClaireStyle and Abbie Victoria MUA joined forces to put together a fun-filled, low-key photoshoot to grab some shots for our portfolios.

There was no real theme to this shoot, Claire and I just grabbed some Balloons and Bubblegum from a local store and thought we’d throw some shots together.

Yeah OK so they are balloons, but the Bubblegum didn’t work!

The room we hired was quite small, and it had to house us three, plus the two models and all of our equipment for an afternoon. We made do though and we managed to grab some really nice photos of the girls who must have wondered what the hell they had let themselves in for! Big thanks to Amphlett House Methodist Church Centre in Droitwich for lettings us have the room at a really good rate and big thanks to Emily and Megan for their time.

Not a wedding themed shoot, but it would be rude not use the Veil and Tiara

I think we learnt a fair bit from our 1st shoot. We certainly all work well together, and whilst we made a small space work, a larger space would be better. The afternoon flew by, so we may need to have the models for longer next time, or not expect to shoot too many different styles. Or maybe switch between them quicker.

I was trialling out some new equipment which included a Godox Softbox, a wireless trigger for the flash, a foldable backdrop and some foldable reflectors. Oh, and a new lightstand and a Bowens mount to attach my speedlight to. OK, pretty much my whole setup was new, but at least I have the equipment now so I can utilise it at future events.

Making it work in our temporary studio

So that’s about it from me for now, I have some more learning to do with regards to posing models, my mind went absolutely blank on the day, and I’ll start researching local studios that can rent me some space when I need it.

Until then, take it easy.