We’re out of lockdown. Nearly.

It’s been a long time coming, but life is slowly returning to normal here in the UK. We have been in lockdown since March, which has meant all wedding and portrait sessions came grinding to a halt. Thankfully, there is a glimmer of light for the wedding industry.

Weddings can take place again, but with no more than 30 people at the ceremony (that includes your photographer, registrars etc), all socially distanced of course. The problem is with 2 parts of the day, the ‘getting ready’ shots, and the reception.

Currently, hairdressers are allowed to work providing they wear PPE and don’t talk very much. Conversations are to be had via the mirror, so there is no face to face talking, and as such, risk of spreading the virus. Make-up artists and nail technicians currently cannot return to work. Everyone has to keep their distance too, which is a bit of an issue when most getting ready rooms are quite small.

The reception is currently not really allowed. The government has advised it should not take place, and if it does, it is restricted to 2 households of people. That will be a fairly small party! With everyone having to keep 1 to 2 meters apart, that will be a fairly spread out dance floor, and the family photos are going to look quite strange. The venues will also be full of plastic tape and screens which takes away from the intricate details you have used to dress the venue.

Weddings towards the end of 2020 may well return to normal, it all depends on further government guidelines. I’m hoping that is the case and that there isn’t another spike in infections sending us backwards. Weddings are a time for gathering families and enjoying the intamicy of stunning wedding venues and the time together.

If you have had to reschedule your wedding from 2020 to 2021 or beyond and are struggling to rebook your photographer, please drop me a line and I will check what availability I have.

We should know more in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed!