When Lockdown first struck the UK, toilet paper and pasta vanished like it was made out of Gold. Luckily, as time passed the supply chain to the supermarkets ensured that we could wipe our bums and eat lasagne again. Not at the same time obviously, that’s pretty gross.

What could this Movie be I wonder?

Soon, pretty much everything shut down, including hairdressers. As the weeks passed, this meant that “Lockdown Haircuts” were becoming common place as people tried to look after their locks and maintain an element of style. Hair trimmers were selling out almost as fast as the toilet paper and pasta did. This is where it turns out marrying a hairdresser was a pretty smart move. While I am not particularly stylish, at least my hair can be cut by someone that actually knows what they are doing.

One of the easier ones to guess.

Boredom, and a desire for her to connect with her clients on a regular basis saw Claire styling her own hair to take on characters from certain movies. Me being a photographer with nothing to photograph was tasked with, well, taking the photos. It was only meant to be for a week, but here we are 19 movies down the line and we’re still dressing up and snapping photos on a semi-regular basis. People seem to like the light relief from monotonous Government press releases and Covid-19 talk. Even Birmingham Live picked up on it and wrote an article which included Claire. You can see it here.

It’s not Willy Wonker!

Hopefully lock down will end soon and we can all go about our daily lives, hitting the gym (yeah right) and visiting the salon. Until then though, if you want to try guessing some movies, head over to Claires Facebook page and see how well you do.